FAQs About Prequalification

Will This Cost You Anything?

Only your time to complete our questionnaire. The prequalification process is completely FREE.

What Is The Difference Between Prequalification And Preapproval?

PREQUALIFICATION simply determines the maximum purchase price of a house that the buyer is qualified to purchase, based on the income and debt information he or she provides verbally to a mortgage professional. This prequalifying information the mortgage professional provides is not a commitment to lend the money! All the information provided by the buyer must still be verified.

PREAPPROVAL is actually a commitment to lend the amount of money specified, assuming the property chosen meets the lender's criteria. The loan process is basically complete when an application has been taken, including all required verifications, and usually without the property information being known. A "Preapproval Letter" is issued by the lender.

Why Get Prequalified Or Preapproved?

PREQUALIFYING is a quick way to determine what price range of homes the real estate agent and buyer should be reviewing. It saves the time and frustration of finding something you can't afford!

PREAPPROVAL is a must in today's environment; most sellers require it up-front. It improves the buyer's negotiating position and the length of time it would take to close the deal. It gives you the "clout" of a cash buyer!

Why Get Prequalified If I'm Refinancing?

PREQUALIFYING will allow you some peace of mind knowing that your refinance amount is achievable, especially if you're trying to get cash back from your property equity.

What If I Don't Qualify For What I Had Hoped To Purchase?

The programs outlined here are only a few of the loan program options we have to offer. Other options may obtain your desired results.